Style x content = Dover Street Market

We’ve had our concession in Dover Street Market London for a couple of years now and we love it. The underground style and ambience of all the other collections is always a pleasure to be around, with staff, customers and browsers alike all happy to be there – you don’t get the same sort of vibe at Homebase. The coolest designs from the coolest designers are all here; they’ve been invited, or asked to come - indeed, there are virtual bouncers to keep more mundane retailers out. You get the feeling that Dover Street Market virtually assembled itself, organically, by some sort of Darwinian natural selection.

Glasseswebb is downstairs in the basement, alongside incredible eyewear by THOM BROWNE and DITA. Shoppers are always enthralled by our display of our favourite eyewear designers, which includes our collection of Vintage sunglasses with buffalo horn and wood frames, with silk inlays. Also, there’s the British-made Hilton 24 carat gold-plated collection which includes classic aviators, and up to the minute Panto and Quadra shapes. Glasseswebb has its own rimless collection which we created from Japanese titanium chassis, with a choice of custom lens shapes and stunning mirror lenses. Our latest delivery features Vintage Gianfranco Ferre pieces from the 1990s and some Cazal and Paloma Picasso models, again with custom tinted lenses. Gianfranco’s modern classic designs feature rimless styles, glamorous touches and funky hardware in perfect harmony. They are all supplied with the original cases and are extremely wearable in 2015. Which shows that style never goes out of fashion, merely takes turns on the fashion merry-go-round.

We’re also showcasing some of our new Clayton Franklin styles at DSM - frames constructed with unparallelled Japanese craftsmanship & beautiful, antique styling, in both titanium and acetate.

Of course, you can see both our MOSCOT and Barton Perreira collections when you visit our concession at Dover Street Market, where experienced, knowledgeable but above all charming staff can guide you to the right choice of eyewear for you.

Coming back to the Glasseswebb area its easy to see why we fit right in among all the creativity and innovation that is going on around us in what has often been described as the most influential fashion store on the planet. There are many, many high-end eyewear brands on the market, but it is easy to see, just at a glance, why we only offer the collections we absolutely adore. There would be no point in us handling merchandise that just hasn’t got that essential ... something.

This Something is not something that is easy to put into words, but we know it always feels natural, never having to try too hard. At Glasseswebb we appreciate simplicity – why have whistles and bells, add-on gimmicks, when one clean line does the job so much better? You can browse our website for 2D pictures, of course, but do pop in to Dover Street Market, just a couple of minutes’ walk from Green Park Tube, say hello to style, and see the real thing. We are sure you will appreciate our collection just as much as we do.