What we did on our holidays

Moscot's 100th birthday party


Well, here we are in Milan for MIDO, the eyewear show that just wallows in style.

Milan is known the world over for its Italian food, so we brought our own packed lunches. And, boy, did our lunchboxes get some admiring glances from the Vespa crew. People often ask which is the world’s fashion capital: is it Tokyo, Milan, Paris, New York? The truth is, it’s wherever the Glasseswebb crew and our entourage are right now. So it was Milan, for the three days in February that MIDO hosted an exhibition of the world’s latest, coolest designs in eyewear.

This year, the 45th MIDO event, a record-breaking 49,000 visitors attended to gush over the merchandise, and it’s great to feel the buzz around the different districts, labs and pavilions. There is so much going on, with everyone here for one purpose – to spread stylish eyewear all over the globe. And possibly beyond ...

We were especially pleased to hook up with our partners. Barton Perreira launched their sunglasses collaboration with famed designers Christian Roth and Eric Domège, who have been creating ‘wow’ frames for 30 years. There are many over-used clichés around to describe gifted people – legend, überkind, you know the sort of thing – but these guys are ... well, they need a superlative all of their own. So this capsule collaboration between two huge forces in eyewear, which they have name The Affair, was like a marriage made in heaven. Well, California, actually, and consummated in Milan.

Milan meets Barton Perriera meets Christian Roth



Some other guys we have worked closely with for a very long time are Moscot (http://www.moscot.com), and they really blew the show apart. They celebrated their centenary with a fabulous party and the star of that show was their very own Smart Car, designed with Daimler. For their centenary year, they have launched the gorgeous classic Lemfold collection – think Cary Grant played by Brad Pitt. And Glasseswebb will be stocking the stars of this collection in our pop-up shop in Leigh-on-Sea shortly.

The Moscot Daimler Smart Car

Visitors flocking to the pop-up shop will also be able to see pieces from the new Sky Eyes Sunglass collection from our old friends J F Rey, bringing yet more French style across the Channel. Or La Manche, as they insist on calling it. We were really impressed by the fashion-forward funkiness of the collection with their usual quirkiness.

French style, JF Rey-style

There was so much to see and do at MIDO Milan, and we saw and did all of it, a whirlwind of styles, the classic, the modern and new, edgy stuff that, like the work of, say, Andy Warhol, is derided at first but goes on to influence a generation. After we’ve calmed down after the thrills of this year’s MIDO, we’ll be looking forward to next year. All we need to think about is what to put in our lunchboxes ...

Happy Birthday Moscot