Our old friends IDC

With the dark Autumn night’s drawing in on us, here at Glasseswebb HQ we thought we’d share a bit of news from our trips this summer to brighten up your day!

 In fact, we are feeling very nostalgic this month looking back on some exciting styles and friends from years gone by. In a recent trip to Marseille we embarked on a detour to explore the old HQ of our friends at the IDC glasses company. In case you aren’t familiar with IDC they designed and crafted some astonishing contemporary pieces of eyewear. Almost akin to a piece of artwork (as well as fantastic pair of specs) these glasses walk wonderfully the fine line of being outrageously cool and wacky. 

IDC Frog Logo

As purveyors of all things stylish and vintage in the glasses world, it will not come as a surprise to you all that Glasseswebb worked closely with the company in the 1990’s.  The company unfortunately folded and the HQ itself is on the brink of demolition. However, with this sadness also came an amazing opportunity for us to have glimpse into the old building where design initiative translated from glasses into the rest of the office!  We managed to snap some unique pics of the offices themselves, giving a wonderful insight into the optical splendour that pervaded their headquarters. Even the office wear itself was styled on bold lines, bright colours and outstanding shapes. You can certainly get a feeling from some of the snaps we took that the office itself oozed design and creativity.

Eye'DC Logo

And incase you didn’t know, IDC stands for ‘International Design Creation’. A fitting title as these frames transcend boundaries of typical models, they are certainly frames to be appreciated by all! However, whilst popular in their time, in my internet searches the IDC’s optical gems have proved hard to spot online. However, there is certainly an underground following on Pinterest and tumblr for these amazing creations. Fans describe the creations as ‘luminous’ ‘innovative’ and ‘avant garde’. Most significantly, for all of our stylish Glasseswebb customers we are currently stocking 3 fantastic IDC designs on the vintage section of our website. This small but standout collection illustrates the range of relationships Glasseswebb has with timeless style. So if you want to get your hands on these optical rarities take a trip to the website today!

IDC 025IDC 025 side view

IDC Pilot IDC Pilot sideIDC PrototypePrototype side

IDC Front