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What we did on our holidays

March 12, 2015

Moscot's 100th birthday party   Well, here we are in Milan for MIDO, the eyewear show that just wallows in style. Milan is known the world over for its Italian food, so we brought our own packed lunches. And, boy, did our lunchboxes get some admiring glances from the Vespa crew. People often ask which is the world’s fashion capital: is it Tokyo, Milan, Paris, New York? The truth is, it’s wherever the Glasseswebb crew and our entourage are right now. So it was Milan, for the three days in February that MIDO hosted an exhibition of the world’s latest, coolest designs in eyewear. This year, the 45th MIDO event, a record-breaking 49,000 visitors attended to gush over the merchandise,...

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